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World Shaking

Sequel to 'Fallen Stars' and 'Shooting for the Moon'. With the youma dealt with the senshi try and get back to their newly complicated lives as best they can, even as another dark force begins to bring its plans to fruition under their very noses. But the Sailor Senshi need not always work without allies.

After the Vault

A post nuclear exploration, adventure and survival story, based on and set shortly after the end of the PC game Fallout. Out in what remained of the central US of A, a girl crawled crying from her hole in the ground. On a blasted and too-bright surface, how could she survive? Find out in... After the Vault!

Shooting for the Moon

The sequel to 'Fallen Stars'. The five Senshi have returned to Japan, but the ripples from their extra-dimensional adventure will reach further that any of them could have expected.

A Little Learning...

A modern horror/romance story based on H. P. Lovecraft's 'Cthulhu Mythos'. A student fears for her happiness, her girlfriend fears for her sanity, and a nun fears for her faith as they peer through the scratches in the surface of the world, and find that darkness lies sleeping beneath.

Fallen Stars

My fantasy realm Sailor Moon story. Five of the senshi have been cast into a strange pseudo-feudal/medieval world in which none of their senshi powers work. To compensate they have studied the arcane magic of that world, and gained many other skills besides. Now that rescue seems impossible they must find their own way home, and through the troubles that are stirring in the province of Seiji.

Vita Fluxa

Based on and continuing from the PC computer game System Shock 2, Shodan has survived her apparent destruction on the Rickenbacker. A two part survival horror romance.


The third in this Metroid trilogy. Samus is back and Patricia tries to say her piece, but an unwelcome visitor is not far off.


The sequel to Respite. Boredom leads to thought, thought leads to introspection, introspection reflects both the past and present but they all lead to the heart in the end.


A Metroid story. With the BSL incident behind her Samus returns to the Cassidi station for a little time away from her job and her suit. However, things don't go to plan.

Faith, Hope & Carrot Soup

My Tenchi Muyo story continuing from the end of the Manatsu No Eve movie (Daughter of Darkness). The Masaki family has settled back down into their usual routine, now with the infant Mayuka among them. However, not everything is as peaceful as it seems and their world soon starts to crumble around them.


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