Other Stuff

Here are the other original bits and pieces that don't fall under art or fiction. As always I hope you enjoy them. Naturally they are all my own property so don't modify them in any way, claim them as your own, or post them anywhere else. If you need the codec for these it can be found here.

Starlight: The Faint Flicker

A second animation for Starlight, this is a version of the prologue chapter of the same name. It would have been nice to include Jei's internal dialogue, but there was a duration cap on this project meaning I just couldn't fit it into the running time I had to use. Still, with the shading and new usage of the software I feel that visually this is the more successful of the Starlight animations.

Starlight: Intro/Trailer

An animated introductory sequence / promotional trailer for a hypothetical animated version of Starlight. This was done as a university project. To be honest I was quite dissapointed with the look of it, but it was designed to be as much about the editing timing and composition as the visuals, and they at least work. Also, it was designed to be a fifteen week project, but it turned out I only had ten weeks to do it in, so I'm actually very pleased I was able to manage it. If you need the codec it can be found here.


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