Anime Music Videos

Here is where my fan made music videos are stored. Essentially they are a piece of music, with scenes from anime edited together to create a video that, hopefully, lets the music and imagary enhance each other. You are free to distribute these as you see fit as long as they are not done so for profit or altered in any way.

DivX Codec 5.0.2

This is the video codec you'll need to play these music videos. You don't need to install the player, just the codec itself.

The Lonely Wanderer

This is my first music video and I had the idea for this one stuck in my head ever since I head the song. It just fits Ryoga so well. It's not flashy and doesn't use any real effects besided a little playing with speed on a couple of shots, but it conveys the mood and feel that I wanted it to, and with this vid that's what I was aiming for.


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