You’re Under Arrest: Mini Specials

20 short Episodes

The guys and girls from Bokuto station are back and throwing subtlty to the wind in these mini stand alone episodes.

Miyuki, Natsumi and the rest of the gang battle petty thieves and perverts, and they aren't pulling their punches either.

This series of shorts has a very different feel to the rest of the You're Under Arrest material. The main series' had a well balanced feel between comedy and the odd dash of action, while the movie was far more down to earth and serious. These are the opposite; fast meaningless fun with some heavy slapstic violence for flavour. It doesn't work as well as the other marerial, mainly because the girls seem somewhat out of character after getting to know them over the main OAV and TV run. They've become more vindictive and wantonly violent as a plot for the 'beat up the pervert' gags. And at least half the episodes deal with perverts, underwear thieves and the like. Fans of Ranma will probably like the comedy here, but fans of the other You're under Arrests will, like me, feel these don't really live up to the other material out there.

Lots of violence here, wich can sometime seem rather extreme even if it is comic. For example, when surprised by a stalker Miyuki screams as she goes and starts her car, gets the jump leads and electifies the young idiot. Also plenty of scenes featuring women in underwear. This one isn't shy about fanservice.

The animation is actually often very good. The characters all look nice and the fluidity of the movement isn't bad. It has the same opening and ending as the last 'bonus' episode of the TV series, so while that was full length they are probably related, and that one had plenty of fanservice too, though without such emphasis on the slapstick. These episode don't overuse the digital sliding techniques though, and are better off for it.

The dub here is the same as in the OAVs and TV series', and they are all performing just as well here as they did there. It's your call if you've heard those, but this is an okay dub.

To be honest this isn't something that should be on your list unless you really are craving more YUA and have already watched the OAVs, TV and movie to death. They aren't really that bad, just mindless comic fun featuring lots of underwear, but they can't stand up next to their animated counterparts.


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