Slayers Great


Another of the Slayers film/OAV releases, this provides, in my opinion, some of the best Slayers material there is.

Diminutive firebrand Lina Inverse and her not so trusty sidekick/rival Naga the serpent arrive in the city of Stoner, a place that entirely revolves around the manufacture of golems, a common slayers theme it seems. When the pair save a girl, Laia Einburg, from a rampaging bull golem they manage to get her to invite them to dinner, despite her financial problems. Problems that stem from the fact that her father, the famous golem maker Galia, has not made anything for year, and both he and her brother canít stand each other. Galia however takes a shine to Lina, asking her to model for his next golem, and it looks like his son Huey has the same idea for Naga. However, when the pair get recruited by the feuding Lords Haizen and Granion to work on a battle golem each for a competition to see who will rule the city, Lina and Naga come head to head in a way they had never expected.

Seeing Lina and Naga together again is great fun, and if you know the motion picture youíll know the kind of thing to expect, but this time without the feel of the epic. Rather than saving the world this is all about Lina and Nagaís interplay and their effect on those around them, even with the grandiose schemes occurring around them, and that had always been where the best comedy in the Slayers is. The two spark off each other perfectly here either when together or against each other. Itís not as silly as the TV series, but it has itís balance just about right

As with the other slayers shows this is suitable for most audiences, with only comic violence and no real blood draw this time either. Some prior knowledge of anime or Japanese Ďcuteí culture might be useful in getting the most from a few of the gags in the subtitled version, but thatís a very small possability that doesnít really matter much in the end.

The art on this is very nice indeed, and the animation is both fluid and detailed. Vibrant colours were it needs it and the usual very nice designs these prequels have make this a great looking show. As usual the evil characters look suitably nasty, but thatís a convention for a lot of the Slayers material.

Of all the slayers dubs Iíve heard this is probably one of the best, leaving is reasonably above average. Linaís voice again is a little hard on the ear, and is seems Nagaís actress didnít quite get the laugh down this time round, but on the whole this is not a bad job

This is a show that I would recommend to even casual fans of the Slayers, despite the differences the TV seriesí have. To everyone else it is definitely worth a look, because even though it is fairly short, only sixty minutes, those sixty minutes are very enjoyable indeed and are likely to keep you coming back for repeat viewings in the future.


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