Resource & Information Sites

UK sites

These sites specialise in news, reviews and general information on anime (and sometimes manga) within the UK.

UK Anime Net

AZ:UK - Anime Zone UK


Anime Server Nadesico

Anime in the UK

Review Sites

A selection of review sites I have found very helpful.

The Anime Cafe

T.H.E.M. Anime Reviews

Akemi's Anime World

Resource sites

Some sites with great features, downloads, info or other stuff like that.

The Anime Web Turnpike


Gaia Online anime roleplaying community


Honorable Mentions

These are the sites that provided the images I used when I was not able to gather my own pictures from the various anime shows my site themes are based on. Many thanks to them.

The Absolute Evangelion Field

The Salior Moon Online Paradise

(AnimeWallpapers also hosted images I used. It's link is under 'Resource sites')


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