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When I first started getting interested in manga I found myself looking for graphic novels that expanded on an anime I had already seen. Two in particular caught my eye, but for some strange reason the novels were not numbered. Dark Horse, the publisher of both of these manga, decided that it was enough to put the comic volume numbers on the inside of the book, many of which were still unclear since the comics are released in story arcs, and there was no indication which arc came where in the story. They have since rectified this, but previous volumes of 'Oh My Goddess!' and 'Gunsmith Cats' are still un-numbered. Whether this will be rectified in future printings we will have to see, but here are the graphic novel orders for those series.

Oh My Goddess!

1. Wrong Number
2. Leader of the Pack
3. Final Exam
4. Love Potion No. 9
5. Sympathy for the Devil
6. Terrible Master Urd
7. The Queen of Vengeance
8. Mara Strikes Back
9. Ninja Master
10. Miss Keiichi
11. The Devil in Miss Urd
12. The Fourth Goddess
13. Childhood's End
14. Queen Sayoko
15. Hand in Hand

From this point on the novels are numbered. The 'Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses' manga was released after 'Miss Keiichi' and can be read at any point from then on.
The book '1-555-Goddess' is now out of print since it was replaced by the first three books in this list which include the material that was originally left out.

Gunsmith Cats

1. Bonnie and Clyde
2. Misfire
3. The Return of Gray
4. Goldie vs. Misty
5. Bad Trip
6. Bean Bandit
7. Kidnapped
8. Mister V
9. Misty's Run

That concludes the Gunsmith Cats manga.


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